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Caring for our environment by careful use of energy and water and improving our waste management.

Our Environmental Vision

VILLA INLE resort & spa wants to make sure our hotel footprint on the local environmental surroundings is a light one and is certainly not detrimental to the natural environment of the lake. We want to help protect this wonderful UNESCO designated biosphere reserve so it is around for future generations.

VILLA INLE resort & spa will monitor, measure and manage energy and water use with the aim of reducing our overall water and energy consumption. We shall use energy and water saving equipment, efficient working procedures and staff education to achieve this. We will also communicate our efforts to our guests and encourage them to help us.

The Inle areas has limited options in terms of developed municipal waste systems and so much of the local waste is burnt or sent to landfill. Therefore we aim to reduce our overall amount of generated waste. Our team is committed to environmental protection through ensuring environmental pollution is minimised and that no hazardous pollution occurs from our waste management systems. Our commitment to reduce our overall waste is supported by delivering on the ‘reduce reuse and recycle’ mantra that is assisted by policies, systems, staff training and client education.

Energy Saving Action Plan

  • • To replace all the light bulbs with energy saving LED ones.
  • • To install timer switches for all light sources in public areas.
  • • To install motion sensor switches on all lights sources in public walkways.
  • • To use a small generator for cold storage and refrigerators so the main generator is not required in the event of power cuts.
  • • Carry out regular environmental management training with the staff
  • • Educate and remind guests on how they can also help conserve Inle Lake’s environment.
  • • Ensure laundry operations are energy efficient.
  • • Regular maintenance of machinery and equipment.

Energy Saving Measurement

  • • Keep regular records of energy used by volume, time and guest occupancy. E.g. KW hours, diesel and gas

Energy Saving Targets

  • • To reduce energy usage by 5% in the first year of monitoring.

Water Saving Action Plan

  • • Installation of flow restrictors in guest room taps and showers so water flow is controlled within recommended limits set by Travelife sustainability certification scheme, but not affecting the guests’ comfort level.
  • • Replace toilets with duel flush units.
  • • Increase use of water saving cleaning methods such as mop and buckets instead of hosing kitchen floors.
  • • Condensed water from air conditioner units and ice machines is collected and directed to the recycled water pool to be used on garden.
  • • To use computerized irrigation watering system in the gardens and to water the garden before dawn to avoid evaporation.
  • • Installation of a waste water treatment plant to reuse the grey water for garden.
  • • Carry out regular training and awareness campaign for our staff on water saving.
  • • Educate guests and raise awareness of why water saving is important for the Inle Lake region.
  • • Regular maintenance and staff training on delivering a leak detection and maintenance programme.
  • • Water saving in the laundry, through guest promotion of minimising daily linen changes, soaking heavily soiled items and running full loads.

Water Saving Measurement

  • • Use individual water meters to monitor, measure and record water consumption in all guest rooms, kitchen, laundry and garden on a weekly basis.

Water Use Reduction Target

  • • To reduce water consumption by 5% from 2016 to 2017

Waste Action plan

  • • Operate a waste management system: ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ adhering to Travelife certification scheme criteria.
  • • Operate a water recycling and treatment system to reduce and reuse grey water for the garden.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle as much office waste as possible e.g. reuse packaging as storage containers, print on both sides of paper, recycle paper for notebooks, refill printer inks and toners at local printers.
  • • As battery recycling is difficult in Myanmar, we encourage our guests to take all waste batteries home for safe disposal.
  • • Reduce packaging through bulk purchasing of amenities using ceramic refillable dispensers for soap, shampoo and body lotion.
  • • Purchase food and beverages in bulk where possible, without contributing to food waste. Minibar snacks are locally purchased and provided free of charge in glass refillable containers. Butter and jam are bought in bulk instead of single use packets.
  • • Use glass bottle in the guest room instead of plastic bottles.
  • • A local waste collection business collects plastic, glass bottles and paper for recycling and reuse. Hotel income from this goes towards the staff welfare fund.
  • • Separation of waste onsite for paper, glass, plastic bottles, food waste for easy disposal, reuse, collection.
  • • Used cooking oil is reused in our garden oil lamp and insect repelling torches.
  • • To use only high quality detergents that meet international standards.
  • • To use our home made pesticide extracted from Garlic, Ginger, saw dust and Tobacco.
  • • Compost all organic kitchen waste and use in our organic garden.
  • • All cooked food waste sent to village pig farms for livestock food.
  • • Reuse garden and building waste in new buildings where possible.

Measurement of Waste.

• Monitor amount of waste disposed through number of bags for burning and landfill on a monthly basis.

Waste Reduction Target

• To reduce bagged waste by 5% from 2016 to 2017

Aung Ko Ko
General manager



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